Be Happy. Be Free. 

Enjoy the beauty of Greenlake while stretching and relaxing your body. Connect with the earth as you feel the grass under your feet. Stand in tree pose while looking up at the trees. While in down dog laugh with the puppies that walk by. This is a gentle class and open to all levels. 

Chakra Yoga 

Is an ongoing series that dedicates each week to a specific chakra with intention of breathing life and energy into the chakra and the issues to which it is connected. For example, The Heart Chakra class will focus on cultivating unconditional love, compassion, and joy as well as opening and strengthening the chest and upper back. 

"Yoga For…"

Sets a new intention every week so that the energy of the entire class will be manifesting one vision. Every class will insert what follows the "For" i.e. "Yoga for Happiness", "Yoga for Peace", Yoga for the low back", "Yoga for Hips". You will learn to set your intention at the beginning of your practice and the focus for your day. 

Class Descriptions

Yoga at Greenlake



Yoga For....     Mondays  7pm

                 4519 1/2 Universtity Way NE Seattle, WA 98105

Yoga At Greenlake  Tuesdays 7pm

                Across the street from Starbucks near the Greenlake pool

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